Dul Pearlglo Solvent Tint

Pearlglo Solvent Base

Tough satin finish structured trim paint with high brush loading and a non-sag application that is ideal for hard wearing interior walls and trim surfaces.
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Finish mid sheen
Coverage 8m2/L
Drying Time Surface dry 4 hours, recoating time 18 hours
Coats 3


  • Convenient trim enamel - no stirring, no mess, no runs with non-stick properties.
  • Can be used on most interior surfaces and dries to a smooth chip and stain resistant finish.
  • Quick to apply - saves time and money when compared with conventional “sticky to apply” enamels.
  • The product is highly recommended where a washable, tough steam, grease and mar resistant finish is required.
  • No undercoat needed.