Prepaint Dampshield

Prepaint Dampshield

Water-based damp barrier for cement plaster and concrete vertical wall surfaces containing up to 50% moisture.
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  • Stops rising and penetrating damp.
  • Provides a sound foundation for long lasting paintwork.
  • Protects against paint peeling, efflorescence and mould caused by damp.
  • Dulux Pre-Paint Dampshield reacts with moisture in the substrate forming an impenetrable barrier through which the movement of water and dissolved salts is not possible. By sealing the surface the soluble salts is preserved for substrate integrity and protecting subsequent paint films against the effects of rising and penetrating damp up to 50% moisture.
  • Water based, Low VOC, low odour and easy clean-up.
  • Ready for use with excellent adhesion to sound cement plaster and concrete wall surfaces.
  • Quick drying – can be over coated with most conventional paints on the same day.