Dulux Trade Corrocote 1 Metal Etch Primer

Trade Corrocote 1 Red Oxide

Versatile primer for Galvanised Iron, all Non-Ferrous Metals, rigid PVC and Mild Steel & Iron.
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Finish matt
Coverage 8m2/L
Drying Time Touch dry 1 hour, recoating time 4 hours for conventional coatings, 48 hours for duluxtrade hi-chem epoxy enamel.
Coats 2


  • Suitable for interior and exterior use. · Provides excellent adhesion.
  • Fast recoating properties - recoat in 4 hours with conventional coatings.
  • Provides an excellent primed surface for over-coating with conventional paint and Dulux Trade Hi-Chem Epoxy Enamel
  • A quick drying acid-hardening pre-treatment primer.
  • Upgrades corrosion resistance.